Arthritis - Pentosan Polysulphate

Arthritis is a disease, which causes inflammation and damage to the joints. Joint damage can dramatically affect your pet’s mobility, level of activity and quality of life. The early sign of arthritis is stiffness. This then progresses to obvious lameness and joint pain. Animals of all ages can be affected, although older animals are more susceptible. Often osteoarthritis follows a fall or joint trauma.

The treatment of the debilitating condition has, until recently, been aimed at reducing pain and swelling by the use of pain-killers, also called anti-inflammatories. These drugs reduce pain, however they do nothing to treat the condition or prevent its progression.

Pentosan Injection

Pentosan is a product with a unique effect which actually stimulates the body’s own mechanisms to heal the damaged joints thus preventing the progression and the onset of arthritis.

Pentosan will:

  • Reduce pain, stiffness and lameness without any detrimental effects on the gut
  • Stimulate an increase in the volume and the thickness of the fluid within each joint, which assists joint cushioning and lubrication
  • Stimulate the production of the building blocks of cartilage, which stimulates cartilage healing
  • Clear blood clots and fats from the small blood vessels supplying nutrients to the joint, resulting in more rapid healing
  • Inhibit enzymes which attack the cartilage thereby reducing further cartilage damage

These effects combine to assist the body’s own repair mechanisms to heal the damage to the joints caused by arthritis. The treatment regime involves four injections at 5-7 day intervals. Pentosan has a cumulative effect so it important that the full course of injections is given, even though improvement usually becomes apparent after the third injection.

Depending on your pet’s condition, follow up injections may be given every 3 months, or earlier if necessary.