Chubby Canines and Fleshy Felines

It’s easy to make light of having a podgy pet (pun intended!), but the reality is there are serious repercussions for overweight and obese pets.  

Extra weight is a significant danger to health, increasing the risk of serious diseases such as:
  1. Arthritis and joint problems 
  2. Heart disease
  3. Respiratory disease
  4. Diabetes mellitus
Studies with dogs have shown those on a controlled diet with lower weight and body fat can live TWO YEARS longer than those whose diet and weight aren’t controlled…
Take a moment to have a good assessment of your pet’s body condition.  
When viewed from above your pet should have a visible waist.
When viewed from the side the abdomen should tuck up – not sag!
Ribs should be easily felt with little fat cover, but the ribs should not be visible
Treats can be responsible for a lot of calories.  Did you know that feeding a 10Kg dog a small plain biscuit is equivalent to you eating a hamburger!  And a 30 gram morsel of cheese to a cat is equivalent to 3½ hamburgers to us!  Think twice before giving in to those big brown eyes!
If your pet is lacking a waist, or those ribs are hard to find, then a consultation with one of our Veterinarians is a good idea.  A full health check will be performed to check for any underlying diseases, which could be contributing to a weight problem.  
Once a clean bill of health has been given, we can work with you and your pet to design a weight loss program to head towards a healthy target weight.  If a significant weight loss is needed, this is best achieved through use of a prescription weight loss diet such as Hills r/d or Eukanuba Restricted Calorie. These are diets low in fat and calories, but high in fibre to help your pet feel fuller for longer.