Is your best friend finding it hard to move?

You may think that your best friend is getting old, or is just stiff because of the winter chill factor.  However, your best friend could actually be suffering from arthritis.  Arthritis is a painful and debilitating condition that affects 1 in 5 dogs over the age of one. 

Arthritis is no less painful to dogs than it is to humans and can significantly impact their mobility and willingness to play, which ultimately prevents you bonding with your dog.  It can affect one or more of the major joints including the hips, knees, elbows, carpus and spine.  Once present, it is relentlessly progressive and steadily becomes more severe over time.

If your best friend is suffering from any of the symptoms below, arthritis could be to blame.


While no cure exists for arthritis, the good news is there are pain relief options available for your dog, which can transform his or her quality of life, greatly reduce the impact of the condition, and allow both of you to regain that bond. 

One of the newer options available is Trocoxil® Chewable Tablets for Dogs, which is a unique product that requires only monthly administration after two initial treatments given 14 days apart.  Trocoxil was launched in New Zealand in July 2011 and is available only under veterinary authorisation. Extensive studies have demonstrated it to be extremely effective whilst having a comparable safety profile to currently available once daily treatments.  A developing understanding of arthritis suggests that the longer treatment is administered, the better dogs do (i.e. treatment benefit steadily increases over time, rather than quickly reaching a plateau). With a monthly dose interval (after an initial loading dose) Trocoxil makes it easy to extend the length of treatment and therefore maximise its benefit.

We now have an exciting treatment option for your best friend, so please contact us today or visit, and get your best friend back.