New member of the family

Are you thinking about taking on a new member of the family?  If so, give us a call or pop in to chat with one of our friendly members of staff.  Owning a pet can be an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience.  However there are a lot of things to think about and sometimes the wealth of information out there can be confusing.

The first decision involves choosing the right pet for your family and situation.  Do you want a pedigree breed, and if so what type? Or are you looking at taking on a rescue animal?  A puppy, kitten or an older animal?  We can provide information about different breeds and temperaments, things to look for and pitfalls to avoid.

Once you collect the newest member of the family, we can book a free nurse consultation.  This is a great opportunity to find out all about flea, worming and nutrition, and the nurse will give your pet a general check. 

When your pup or kitten comes in for their vaccinations, they will have a full nose to tail examination from one of our vets.  They will also receive a free puppy or kitten pack, which is packed full of information, food samples, and discount vouchers.  Included in this pack is a free pet tag to place on your pet’s collar.  We will engrave one side with your pet’s details, and on the reverse is our clinic name and phone number.  If your pet is ever lost or injured whoever finds them will be able to contact us immediately, so there is no delay in receiving the treatment they need.

Good nutrition is very important in a growing animal, and we often have promotions, which ensure your pet can be on the best food for a very competitive price.

Puppy preschool classes are run by Wendy in the evenings at our Papamoa clinic.  These classes not only teach your pup the basics of obedience, but also provide a safe place for them to socialise and learn how to behave.  Puppy preschool is also a lot of fun!

We are very lucky to have a talented dog groomer who works from our Bayfair clinic.  Amy is very experienced, having worked overseas as well as in NZ.  If your pup has a long coat or one that doesn’t shed they will need regular trims to keep them comfortable and their coats in great condition.  It’s advisable to book puppies in for their first bath and tidy up when they are approximately 3-4 months old, so they can get used to and enjoy the pampering.

One of the most stressful aspects of owning a pet is when they become unwell, particularly when getting to the vet has to be fitted into an already hectic day!  With this in mind we provide four late night clinics each week, as well as clinics on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  There is also a vet contactable 24 hours a day, in case your pet requires emergency treatment after hours.  Pet Insurance is growing in popularity in NZ, as it helps to ease the financial stress of a sick pet.  We can provide a 30 day free insurance trial, andfurther information about this service.
House calls are available on request.