Watch out for bees!

In summer there are lots of bees about and of course many dogs like to chase them.  While bee stings in dogs are usually not life-threatening, some dogs will have an allergic reaction of varying degrees.  You may or may not witness your dog being stung.

Some dogs will have an allergic reaction that may include swelling of the face (especially the nose), or break out in hives (bumps) all over the body.  In rare cases the reaction can be more severe and include shock, vomiting or diarrhoea, drooling and difficulty breathing.  

If you think your dog has been stung and is suffering an allergic reaction, please bring him or her in to be seen by a vet.  Medications can be given to reverse the allergic reaction and make them feel a lot better!

Even mild cases left untreated are uncomfortable and can cause secondary skin trauma or infections, especially if the dogs scratch themselves.

This poor puppy, Myley had a swollen nose after a bee sting and was feeling very sorry for herself!  After some medication she began to feel better very quickly.