Paul Greaves BVSc - Director/Veterinary Surgeon






Hi I'm Paul. I graduated from Massey in 1979.  My partner Jill McFarlane and I have owned this practice since 1987.  When we first started I was the only vet and Jill, along with one other nurse, were the only staff.   Due  to considerable expansion of the practice there are now four vets and nine support staff.  

I  spend half my time running the business and the other half as a general Veterinary Practitioner, which I enjoy.  What I am most passionate about is providing a high standard of primary care to all our clients’ pets.  Due to my own dog Pippa I fully understand the importance of the client/pet bond allowing me to empathize with my clients.  I believe two-way communication is very important, that clients should know all the facts pertaining to their pet, so enabling them to make an informed decision about treatment.  I especially enjoy working with clients to find a suitable treatment plan for their pet and I work hard at delivering that plan as agreed.  Our Practice Policy is to offer the best possible treatment and products.  We realise that some clients have a limited budget and we work with them to find a compromise that best suits their needs without compromising their pet’s needs.

My personal interests include motorcycles and karate.  Ever since I was a teenager I wanted to be a vet and have a black belt in karate.  I finally achieved black belt status in Shotokan Karate in 2005.  Over the years I have owned about fifteen motorcycles.  I currently own a Triumph Trophy 1200 which I enjoy riding in my spare time.  Recently we have bought a camper van and plan to spend some time touring around New Zealand.