Mobile Service

We offer a mobile service to our clients where necessary.  Generally speaking it is easier and better for your pets to be treated in a clinic environment where we have all the necessary facilities and treatments, including trained veterinary nurses to assist as required.

In a house call situation only brief examinations and basic treatments can be given, for more serious problems requiring diagnostic procedures and more complex treatments your pet will need to be taken back to the clinic.

Some pets can be better behaved in the clinic and outside of their home environment, as they are less likely to become aggressive or show territorial behaviour, making them easier to examine and treat.

In situations where transportation is a problem for the client then house calls become appropriate, also with older and sicker animals where euthanasia is necessary, house calls can be a lot less stressful especially for the pet owner.

We offer a free pick up and delivery service for pets, particularly for surgery where clients have difficulty bringing them in to the clinic!

To arrange a house call, please phone and speak to one of our staff members.

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