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Is your best friend finding it hard to move?

You may think that your best friend is getting old, or is just stiff because of the winter chill factor. However, your best friend could actually be suffering from arthritis. Arthritis is a painful and debilitating condition that affects 1 in 5 dogs over the age of one.   Read More…


Christmas Hazard

Christmas is an eventful time for both us and our pets. However new visitors, noises and smells can sometimes cause anxiety for your pet! Keep your pet healthy and happy during the festive season with our Christmas tips: 1.Create a calm…  Read More…


We all love spending quality time with our pets on a hot summer’s day. However, we need to stay vigilant in summer, as the warmer weather can expose our pets to several dangers…   Read More…


Summer is here and hopefully, some of you are taking a hard-earned break! If you are not sure when their vaccination is due, give us a call.  Read More…

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