Pets & Manners

Pets can sometimes act in unexpected or unwanted ways. Our team of experts can help you with advice on any troubling traits your pet may exhibit. The list of behaviours we can help you with is comprehensive but here are some of the most common behaviours that we have been asked about.

  • Your favourite pair of shoes could fall victim to a puppies bad chewing habits.
  • Anxiety can cause your pet to urinate in the house, after being house trained; our team can help you.
  • Cats may scratch your couches or other furniture. Your home does not have to suffer any more damage from this unwanted trait.
  • Dogs and cats can exhibit aggressive behaviour towards people or other animals. It is important to stop this as quickly as possible.
  • General training – though every dog and cat is different and that is what makes them special, you need to have general training. Socialising is very important to make sure that if your pet is in the company of other people or pets they will be comfortable and happy.

Training Your Pet

Training your pet needs to start as early as possible. The younger your pet is the easier it is to instil good behaviour. More mature dogs and cats benefit from training too, but if there are any issues that cannot be remedied by our team; we will recommend local trainers to help.

If you have a new dog we offer a Puppy School or for other behavioural queries contact our friendly staff t where you can discuss any questions you might have.