Dental health is sometimes overlooked in the overall health of a pet. They do not brush their teeth, floss or use mouthwash the way humans do. That does not mean that pet dental health care is not incredibly important. Hygienic and healthy teeth and gums should become a priority the same as deworming and parasite prevention for your furry loved one.

Imagine not brushing your teeth for a few days, immediately you notice a build-up of plaque. Pets have the same problem. Though it takes longer, over time your pet will have to have their mouths cleaned. The cleaning is not painful and takes care of the build-up to make sure that more serious problems do not develop. Bad breath in a pet is can be signs of excess plaque which can lead to infections in the teeth and gums or worse.

To avoid any pain or expensive procedures bring your dog in annually for a dental check-up. The annual check-up is generally free of charge. Schedule the dental consultation for the same time as the annual vaccinations to save making a special trip. During the dental check a qualified team-member checks your pet’s mouth for any teeth or gum problems.

Just like us, pets will have some issues with their teeth during their lifetime. When this happens we keep your pet as comfortable as possible during the procedure. To limit distress and to make sure our team can work as quickly as possible we sedate the patient during the procedure.

Your pet will from time to time require a cleaning procedure, if there is damage to the tooth or gums an extraction may be required. Various more advanced procedures have been perfected by our dentistry team; including orthodontics to rectify any structural problems.

Signs that you should schedule an appointment with your vet

  • Your pet’s breath smells
  • The gums are red or swollen
  • Teeth become discoloured
  • Your pet shows a preference for soft foods
  • Loss of appetite

If you notice any of these symptoms get your pet to our team as quick as you can, because symptoms like these can indicate a dental disease. Early detection and treatment is very important.