Depending on what the vet finds during an examination they could ask for blood tests. A veterinary pathologist uses either tissue or blood samples to diagnose a disease.

We have a pathologist and a lab onsite. This allows for quicker results and that lead to quicker treatment. We all love our pets and want them to be happy and healthy. Our team treat and care for your pets as if they were their own and want them to stay healthy.

Illnesses and diseases can often be treated successfully and a full recovery is more likely, if the disease is detected early. That is why we are proud of our onsite lab. It is our aim to catch any disease early enough to make sure we can help your pet make a full recovery.

Let us take care of any concerns you might have. Our staff are experts in their field and have the best interest of your pet at heart. Symptoms can be scary and uncomfortable for your pet and the sooner you can get answers the better. Early diagnosis, means quicker treatment, which leads to a better long term prognosis in most cases.

The combination of onsite imagery equipment and our pathology lab lets us quickly and effectively diagnose any problems you pet might have and develop a treatment program.