Avoiding Health Issues

The best way to have a happy, healthy pet is to take preventative measures.

That can include :

  • Vaccinations for you dog or cat
  • Parasite treatment
  • Dental checks
  • Good nutrition
  • Annual check-up

Annual vaccinations are the first and main line of defence to keep your pets healthy. At Bayfair and Papamoa Vets we also advise you to have your pet’s teeth and gums checked at the same time. A healthy mouth prevents many diseases and reduces the risk of pain and suffering for your pet related to bad dental hygiene.

Other important preventative measures include things like:

  • Deworming – there are various worms that all pets are susceptible to. Some of these worms can be very dangerous to your pet. It is vital to prevent your pet from vulnerability to these parasites.
  • Diet – a dog and cat need a scientifically balanced diet to keep them healthy. Well balanced diets will keep your pet in a good condition and improve longevity.
  • Ticks and fleas – these little parasites cause not only discomfort but can carry disease too. They are very common and prevention is both simple and painless.
  • Vaccinations – there are fatal diseases that you can keep your pet safe from. Puppies and kittens get vaccinations from a young age and booster shots are given annually. This keeps your animal healthy and safe. Speak to us about the right regime for your pet.

Deworming, parasite treatments and vaccinations keep not only your pets happier, they may also keep your family safe. Pet to human transmissions do occur in the case of internal and external parasites.

Prevention is always better than cure!